Investors Have $31 Million Reasons to Believe in Inpixon Turnaround


Inpixon (INPX) has been propelled by over $31 million in capital raised from investors in the first quarter of 2018.  It’s not often that a company closes investment rounds with funds that exceed the company’s market valuation. In Inpixon’s case, the $31+ million in investment represents more than a multiple of more than 4 times the company’s market cap. That’s beyond extraordinary.

Investors are betting on the company’s ability to successfully execute its turnaround plan, which includes spinning off its legacy value-added reseller (VAR) infrastructure business. The company is choosing to focus on developing (or acquiring) more cutting-edge technologies that align with the company’s Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) business segment.

The company’s product road map includes the implementation of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and security protocol intended to protect businesses from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular cyber attacks.

Of particular interest is the AI development, which could be used to amass anonymous device information by providing a unique fingerprint to each device. The information can then be compiled on a blockchain database and analyzed by Inpixon using proprietary heuristic analytical algorithms. The analysis is intended to identify new patterns in device and customer behavior, and deliver this information to vendors and their customers, in real time. Imagine someone who has downloaded the Macy’s app and that individual walks into Macy’s. Macy’s will know in real time where that potential customer is and as such push that customer real time advertisements or incentives to make a purchase directed specifically at that customer’s behavior’s. So if the customer is standing in front of a rack of dresses, Inpixon’s technology can enable Macy’s to push the customer a 15% coupon to be used for dress purchases in real time. Talk about real time engagement!

Finally, Inpixon Security Dome (ISD) is an ideal solution for businesses requiring to protect itself from the onslaught of nefarious attacks through various Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular airwaves. In present day network security, video survillence and strong premises protection is not enough to keep the rogue devices from reaching enterprise data or recording vital information from day to day business operations. ISD creates a zone-based security that addresses these threats and upholds company’s security policies without hindering efficiency of the employess and visitors.

With cash in hand, and an ambitious roadmap ahead, Inpixon may be positioned to become a leader in the large and growing industries in which it now competes.

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