Trade Shows are the New Battle Ground for Indoor Positioning Analytics


Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) and Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) Technology make use of sensors that pick up Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals to precisely track users and wireless devices indoors. IPS can help people navigate indoors and can also enable businesses and organizations to increase their sales, lower costs and improve security and safety.

The market for indoor positioning systems has grown rapidly in the recent years due to increased prevalence of smart phones and IoT devices, coupled with the ever-growing archive of real-world case studies proving the technology’s value. Market research analysts anticipated the IPA industry to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 30% and reach a total market size of $10.72 billion by 2022.

Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX) provides GPS-like intelligence for the indoors using IPA technology. Establishments such as airports, shopping malls, office buildings, government agencies can provide greater security, gain better business intelligence, increase consumer satisfaction and reduce risk with Inpixon’s IPA system.

Inpixon’s platform anonymously finds accessible cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals being emitted from cell phones and other devices. Paired with artificial-intelligence-powered data analytics platform, this technology can deliver visibility, security, and business intelligence on any commercial or government location worldwide.

As one example, with its recent partnership with NuVision Technologies, Inpixon IPA platform is being offered as a service to NuVision customers who are participating in trade shows and other events. While trade shows and in-person events are a critical marketing and sales vehicle for companies and/or suppliers to reach current and prospective customers, event owners and organizers often struggle to get into “the black” at such events because of the high cost of exhibiting at a conference; it is difficult to recoup the investment. However, Inpixon IPA now gives companies the ability to profit from trade shows.

Using Inpixon IPA, exhibitors can analyze foot traffic patterns, and keep track of booth visitors. This in turn could help exhibitors maximize business opportunities from trade shows.  Inpixon IPA platform appears to truly be an extremely versatile solution that could disrupt the event, conference and trade show markets by adding much needed utility for exhibitors and event organizers.

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Ross Silver is the CEO and founder of Sylva International. Mr. Silver is a Registered Investment Advisor with over 15 years experience in equity research, investment banking, and asset management. Mr. Silver served as a consultant for the National Institutes of Health and holds a Series 65 securities license.